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Popular Architectural Styles in Denver and Boulder

architectural styles in denver and boulderJust take a look around and you'll find all types of popular architectural styles in Denver and Boulder. Because both cities are over 100 years old, homes in our various neighborhoods reflect the changing styles and times of the area. 

For example, “Denver Square” is the local name for what is known as a Foursquare home in other parts of the country. Due to the economic effects of the Silver Crash of 1893, Denver homeowners turned away from elaborate Victorian homes and embraced the Denver Square. Its simple box shape was a model of efficiency where the division of space allowed for more usable living space.

This handy guide will help you get acquainted with the metro area’s most common styles. If you want to see them in person, schedule a Market Education Day with your PorchLight agent. They will help you discern between the different architectural styles in Denver and Boulder, as well as find the perfect one for your needs and budget. 

To download a printable PDF of our guide, please click here.



Built from 1810-1910, the most popular being a Queen Anne, this style features:

  • Steep, gabled roof
  • Elaborate wood trim
  • Bright paint colors
  • Asymmetrical shape
  • Towers and turrets
  • Two or three stories


Built from 1925-1945, with Medieval and Renaissance influences, Tudors include:

  • Steeply pitched roof
  • Half-timbered (wood/stucco)
  • Tall, multi-pane windows
  • Ornate chimneys
  • Substantial wood front doors
  • Cantilevered second story

Denver Square

Built from the 1890s to 1930s and one of the quintessential architectural styles in Denver and Boulder, it features:

  • Square and brick-built
  • Sloped, four-sided roof
  • Large windows
  • Center dormer with window
  • Wide front porch
  • Distinct interior spaces


Popular in the 1950s and 60s, the single-story ranch is often characterized by:

  • Low-pitched roof
  • Deep, overhanging eaves
  • Large picture windows
  • Backyard with patio or deck
  • Simple, open floorplan
  • Attached garage or carport


Primarily built from 1915 to the 1930s this style has many distinct features:

  • Low-pitched roof
  • Dormered windows
  • Covered front porch
  • Square porch columns
  • Built-in cabinetry
  • Exposed beamed ceilings


One of the architectural styles in Denver and Boulder that is popping up across various neighborhoods, it typically includes:

  • Simple, clean, straight lines
  • Industrial/sustainable materials
  • Lack of ornamental detail
  • Large windows and skylights
  • Open, flowing interior
  • Energy-efficient features

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