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Buying & Selling a Home In Winter

Buying & Selling a Home in Winter | PorchLight Real Estate Group Denver Boulder

According to the National Association of Realtors, the busiest four months—May, June, July and August—make up 40% of annual home sales volume. But that doesn’t mean agents like the PorchLight team just pack up and go on vacation during the rest of the year. And neither should you!

In fact, there are distinct advantages to buying and selling during the winter months. Here are just a few reasons to make your move today.

5 Reasons to Sell

Serious Buyers – By selling during the “slow” season, buyers are less likely to be browsing and more likely to be focused on closing. You’ll also get fewer looky-loos at open houses.

Less Crowded Market – During the winter, there are fewer listings to contend with, giving your home the opportunity to really stand out from the competition and sell even faster.  

Minimal Landscape Upkeep – While winter maintenance is still important, curb appeal isn't such a big factor. Buyers aren't expecting a lush, green lawn or blooming flower bed.

Show Your Winter Readiness – The cozy factor can be a key selling point. If you have newer windows, an efficient furnace, perhaps a hot tub or fireplace, these will all stand out in winter.

Stress Less Next Summer – When the weather warms up, do you want to want to deal with the hassles of packing and moving? By selling in winter, you’ll free up more time for fun.

5 Reasons to Buy

Less Competition – Due to colder weather, fewer people are out house hunting during the winter. That means you'll have fewer buyers to compete against when making an offer.

Sellers Want to Sell – Moving during the winter isn’t ideal, but a seller’s life changes may require it. And motivated sellers may be willing to negotiate, price, closing times and more.

Faster Closings – With fewer transactions in the winter months, lenders will often have more time to tackle your loan paperwork, so you can get settled into a new home quickly.

Problems Are Easy to Spot – Winter can reveal a home’s worst traits like drafty windows, poor insulation, damaged gutters and more. You can either pass or negotiate a great deal.

Movers are Available – While warmer months are a busy time for movers, it will likely be easier to schedule a company in winter, even score a discount if business is extra slow.


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