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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a PorchLight Agent

When it comes to buying or selling a home in Denver or Boulder, you might be tempted to try the DIY approach, even hire a company promising low commission rates (and often delivering even lower service).

But take a look at things another way. Let's say your car breaks down and the head gasket is blown. Could you potentially figure out how to fix it on your own? Maybe, but should you? Do you have the connections to get the best deal on parts? The right tools, equipment and experience to ensure the job is done right? This is an expensive risk and one you might reconsider before tinkering with your car engine.

The same scenario applies to real estate in Denver and Boulder. Buying and selling is a complex process. It takes the right person, a professional and licensed real estate agent, to guide you through the steps. They have the market knowledge, contract and negotiation skills, even contacts in the industry to get you the best home and price or the best offer. You need someone who will provide you with one-on-one service and advocate for your best interests from day one all the way to the closing table.

Bottom line, you need an agent by your side. More specifically, a PorchLight agent. Here are 10 reasons why our agents stand out from the rest.

1. Neighborhood Nerds

We’re the local experts with a rigorous educational program and certification process to prove it! So, whether you prefer to buy in an area that's hip and happening or quiet and family-friendly, our agents can match you with the perfect neighborhood. They can even provide a Market Education Day field trip to show you around some of the areas that you're interested in, as well as lesser-known spots that might be more affordable and less competitive. 

2. Statistical Wizards

While some agents or sites give you ballpark info, PorchLight provides pinpoint, neighborhood statistics, so you can accurately see what’s going on right where you currently live or in the neighborhood where you're looking to buy. Your agent will take a deep dive into the data to analyze recent sales, market trends and other insights to guide you in making smart decisions.

3. Tech Aficionados

PorchLight's leading-edge listing software serves up fresh listings almost instantly. Your agent can also set up emails and text alerts that will notify you when listings with your must-haves hit the market. And if you're selling, they have the tech tools and software needed, to determine the right price point that will sell your home quickly without leaving a dollar on the table. 

4. Professional Pricers

When it's time to sell, toss that Zestimate out the window. Using accurate stats, software, and their own expertise (they do this every day, after all) your agent will price your home to sell at top dollar and top speed. On the buying end, their pricing insights will ensure you get the best deal and the best investment—with absolutely no chance of buyer's remorse. 

5. Property Prep Perfectionists

At PorchLight, our concierge-style listing services include staging, cleaning, and photography. Whatever it takes to grab the attention of buyers online and in-person, we've got you covered. If you're currently in the home, we can provide suggestions using your own furniture, and if you've already moved on, we have a warehouse full of great pieces to make every space a show-stopper. With the help of our prep team, we'll help you get the most money for your home in the least amount of time. 

6. Marketing Mavens

Our award-winning, in-house marketing team creates stunning brochures, flyers and collateral that showcase your home to perfection. You just might change your mind about moving! Your listing will also be syndicated across partner websites, and all open houses are promoted on PorchLight's social media channels.

Have a $1M+ home? Because PorchLight is an elite member of Luxury Portfolio International, your home is automatically listed on their website which reaches high-net-worth buyers (liquid assets of $10.3 million), as well as luxury experts and buyers in 800+ major cities worldwide. 

7. Negotiation Virtuosos

Whether an agent represents you as a buyer or seller, they know what it takes to get you the very best deal possible. They'll review every aspect of an offer and contract, talk you through all the industry speak and protect your best interests. If you have questions or concerns along the way, your agent will be there to provide you with honest, straightforward answers and advice. 

8. Team Players

At most agencies, competition between Realtors is status quo. But at PorchLight, we’ve created a collaborative environment where agents help each other and their clients succeed. Whether it's discussing comps, stats, or a new restaurant that opened in a local neighborhood, we have eyes and ears everywhere. It all comes together to create super-agents working to help you make smart real estate decisions. 

9. Contract Connoisseurs

PorchLight has a bit of a reputation—as one of the best brokerages to handle any contract. Every clause, condition and consideration is on lock, so closings are a breeze. Our agents stay on top of the latest changes (like Covid clauses) and share information with their colleagues. Our collective wealth of knowledge means there's nothing that might come up that your agent can handle swiftly and diligently. 

10. Referral Seekers

We don’t do bus bench ads or make cold calls. PorchLight believes in and supports agents in creating a relationship-based business model. What that means is your agent will go above and beyond to make you so happy that you can’t wait to refer them to everyone you know. You'll enjoy personalized and attentive service, open communication, and peace of mind knowing that you are always an agent's first priority.

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