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Home Renovation & Design Trends for 2022

Is a home rework on your to-do list for 2022? Whether you’re thinking about a full renovation, refreshing a few rooms, or finally tackling your unfinished basement, these home remodeling trends will help you get the ideas flowing.

To get started, here's what's in and what's out.

Home design that's IN for 2022:

  • Slab Stone Backsplashes
  • Matte Black Accents & Fixtures
  • Retro & Vintage Statement Pieces
  • Organized, Gourmet Kitchens
  • Dark, Moody Exterior Paint
  • Huge Walk-In Shower, No Tub
  • Outdoor Living Spaces

Home design that's OUT for 2022:

  • Basic White Subway Tile
  • Rose Gold Accents & Fixtures
  • Modern Farmhouse Style
  • All-White or Gray Kitchens 
  • Dark Wood Floors
  • Sliding Barn Doors
  • Completely Open Floor Plans

Now, as you'll see below, many of these overall trends lend to a rising design style, Japandi. This look blends the simple, uncluttered comfort of Scandinavian design with the peaceful elegance of Japanese style. With the ongoing pandemic and political unrest, people are spending more time at home and want it to feel like an oasis of calm, a refuge from the outside world. It's no wonder Japandi has become so popular. 

While too stark for some, the look combines hygge, the feeling of absolute coziness and comfort in the simple things, with the principle of wabi-sabi, finding beauty in imperfection and embracing the authentic—such as a live edge wood coffee table, the crumple of a linen duvet cover, or plants infusing color and adding natural shapes to a space. 

So, let's take a look at what home remodeling and design trends look like for 2022. See if you can spot the Japandi aesthetic coming through.

Trend #1: Light, Natural & Eco-Friendly 

Create a light and bright, warm and welcoming home from the floors up. It’s earth-friendly yet comfortable. You have layers of texture from linen, cotton, jute, wicker, stone and wood. Edges, furniture and even countertops are curved. 

  • Install wide-plank, light-colored floors (e.g. white oak)
  • Use sustainable, organic, recycled/upcycled materials
  • Bring natural light into all rooms, as much as possible
  • Add lots of plants but avoid creating a greenhouse
  • Look at improving home insulation and windows
  • Accent with reclaimed woods to add warmth
  • Bring in natural textiles, surfaces and curved furniture

Trend #2: Flexible, Multi-Functional Spaces

Maximize your home’s square footage by using every inch for everyday purposes. It’s practical and functional where everyone can relax, study, work and be together but still have some space for themselves and a bit of privacy. 

  • Build a desk into an unused corner of a living room
  • Go vertical with bed lofts, cabinets, floating shelves
  • Add separation with partitions, like slatted wood 
  • Replace solid doors with industrial, glass/metal doors
  • Create a home office but add a Murphy Bed
  • Add a second home office or an exercise room
  • Configure a basement for multi-generational living

Trend #3: Stepping Away from Gray Paint

Bring in more natural light and the outdoors by painting with white, green or earthy colors. Personalize your home with wallpaper (experiment in a powder room) and add sparkle with brushed brass or gold fixtures and accents. 

  • Opt for a neutral palette that offers more flexibility
  • Use white or off-white paint to brighten up a room
  • If you like gray, choose a softer/warmer undertone
  • Try out beige, taupe and other earth-toned colors 
  • Go green—paint walls and cabinets your ideal shade
  • Add drama inside and out with black/charcoal paint
  • Put up wallpaper to explore bold patterns and colors

Trend #4 Minimalism

Make your home a haven that needs less upkeep and cleaning. It’s simple and intentional. It feels light, airy. There’s natural light, neutral colors, texture and just a few, intentionally collected, meaningful accents that reflect who you are.

  • Get rid of old, non-functional furniture and clutter
  • Pare down any excessive decor and knick-knacks
  • Clear floor clutter with floating storage and vanities
  • Add closed storage to create visual simplicity
  • Bring in simple yet comfy, curved furniture pieces
  • Establish clean sightlines from floor to ceiling
  • Use fewer materials, patterns and personal accents

You Can Go Your Own Way

Of course, trends are not one size fits all. When it comes to your own home renovation, go maximalist if you prefer the look. Love color but can't decide on just one? Color block your walls! For a bit of inspiration, you can also check out a couple of interesting design styles that you might have heard about recently, Grandmillennial and Cottagecore.

Typically, as the name implies, a Grandmillennial is someone in their 20s or 30s who embraces decor trends that might be considered a bit outdated by the mainstream. A compliment to them would be, "Your place reminds me of my grandma's house."

Whether you land in that age range or not, you can still be a fan of "granny chic" which includes lots of ruffles, floral wallpaper, needlepoint pillows, lace, toile, ornate chandeliers, blue and white paint, dark rich woods, vintage brass, inherited furniture and more—all carefully curated and layered together. Done right, it feels fancy yet livable, traditional yet modern and comfortable. 

As for Cottagecore, this aesthetic reflects the charm and romance of the English countryside with an old farm feel. While it shares in the trend of using a neutral color palette, it brings in more vintage fabrics, lace and rugs, plus rustic and thrifted furniture, Victorian dishware, botanical art, lots of baskets, old books, and flowers, both dried and fresh.

Kitchens are designed for baking fresh bread. Fireplaces aren't just focal points but spaces where you can curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. The most ardent of Cottagecore enthusiasts take things a step further by incorporating Cottagecore into the way they dress and even live—again, popular pastimes of the pandemic were gardening and learning to bake bread, so it absolutely makes sense.

No matter what, whether you vibe with the trends or prefer your own take, it's your home. Do what makes you happy!

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