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Maximizing a 15-Minute Home Showing

Buying Real Estate is Currently a Sprint

With far more buyers than homes for sale these days, real estate moves quickly in Denver, Boulder and many other cities across the country. And the most desirable properties last just a couple of days on the market before they’re snapped up by competitive buyers wielding their strongest and best offer.

So, whether you’re currently looking to buy a home or planning to make your move this spring or summer, be prepared to make a quick decision when you find a home that checks all the boxes. More importantly, be prepared to only have 15 minutes to tour a home with your agent. 

Yes, there are often so many interested buyers that showing times are reduced from an hour to just 15 minutes. In that small of a timeframe, there’s a lot to look for and a lot that you might miss. 

To make the most of your whirlwind tour, one easy strategy is to take photos and even video. This allows you to refresh your memory after the showing so you can get a closer look at any details you may have missed.

Were there enough cabinets and drawers in the kitchen for all your stuff?

Did the primary bedroom have enough wall space for your giant dresser?

Was there a linen closet or did you just imagine that?

While buyers in today’s market aren’t in the position to be super selective, you’re still investing a big chunk of money. By paying attention to a few key areas, you’ll feel more confident that you’re making a smart purchase. And it will allow you to focus on updating the aesthetics if you do buy the home and want to put your own stamp on it.

Below, you’ll find a quick list of 17 items to look for during your 15-minute showing. 

If something doesn’t look right, point it out to your agent. They can advise you on what the issue might be, what steps to take next, and even negotiate on your behalf if the problem warrants it.

How to Assess a Home in 15 Minutes or Less

From the Curb

  • Ample parking and a well cared for neighborhood
  • Structure, windows and roof that are all in good shape
  • No major cracks in the driveway or walking paths
  • Well-kept landscaping that slopes away from the home

Inside the Home

  • Proper-working doors and windows with no drafts
  • Walls, floors and ceilings with no cracks or damage
  • The home smells fresh and clean, but not artificially
  • Ample kitchen storage, closet space, and outlets
  • Newer/updated lighting, appliances and HVAC
  • Great water pressure from showers and sinks
  • Consistent temperatures from room to room
  • Enough space for your sectional and 85-inch TV
  • Secure stair railings and floors without squeaks

Out in the Backyard

  • Quality deck with secure boards and railings
  • An existing, well-maintained sprinkler system
  • Proper fencing and gates, all in good condition
  • Enough privacy, space and minimal noise

If you tour a home in the right location, with the right number of beds and baths, and all of the above items, you may have found yourself a winner! And it just might be time to make an offer.

Good luck and happy house hunting!

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