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Go Big and Go Green When Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning: Refresh, Renew and Recycle!

Once the weather warms up, everyone will be able to leave behind the cozy embrace of home and once again enjoy the great outdoors. In preparation, a robust spring cleaning is in order. It will help usher in a sense of renewal and fill your home with a fresh, clean feel.

Here we provide you with a deep cleaning checklist to help you tackle every room, as well as your garage and outdoor spaces. There’s even a list of simple projects that will give your freshly cleaned home an updated look without the expense of a full renovation. 

Along the way, your spring cleaning endeavors may lead to unloading a lot of unwanted stuff. As you make your way through your home, be sure to bring along boxes or bags so that you can set aside items for donating to your favorite nearby organizations. 

But what about the big stuff like that clunky old desktop computer from your college days? That mattress you bought off Craigslist and have since replaced? What about a mountain of stuff that just needs to be hauled out and preferably recycled or donated? We got you.

Here’s How to Go Big and Go Green This Spring

This list will put you in touch with local organizations and services that will help you unload big items that still have life in them—or not. If you want to upgrade your couch but your current one is still in decent shape, reach out to the right people to give you a hand.

Just be sure to contact these companies regarding any fees, restrictions, and policies for picking up or dropping off items. A quick email or call will ensure everyone is on the same page and your items go to the right place. Here’s a printable version if you want to keep it handy. 

Mattresses and Box Springs

Computers & Electronics

Couches & Furniture

Household Appliances

Mixed Hauling

Roll Up Your Sleeves and Clean Like You Mean It

So, let’s talk about the cleaning that leads to unloading these big items. While most people keep up with general home cleaning such as dusting, scrubbing tubs, vacuuming, and basic organization, a good deep cleaning is still a necessity.

Sure, it’s a lot of work, but it can completely renew your home! Here's a quick list that will help you go from room to room and make each one sparkle. You're sure to be surprised at just how much dust your home can accumulate!

Deep Cleaning Checklist:

  • Wipe down moldings, doors and frames, and baseboards
  • Clean ceiling fans and light fixtures (dust those bulbs)
  • Wipe down HVAC vents and air returns, bathroom fans
  • Clean Windows—inside, out, tracks, sills and blinds
  • Deep clean your fridge, oven, stove and microwave
  • Clean and declutter drawers, cabinets and closets
  • Clean and organize your pantry—toss expired stuff 
  • Run cleaners through the dishwasher, disposal and washing machine
  • Clean your dryer vent and secure all hose connections
  • Vacuum the entire couch and between cushions, treat stains
  • Clean and condition any leather furniture
  • Shampoo carpets, clean and shake out rugs, treat stains
  • Scrub soap scum and/or descale faucets, scrub shower doors
  • Wash or replace bed pillows, mattress covers and other bedding
  • Vacuum mattresses and spot-clean any stains
  • Move furniture and appliances, vacuum/mop underneath
  • Dust everything, including the top of your fridge and even plants
  • Test and replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Clean out gutters and downspouts, tidy up the yard
  • Powerwash decks, porches and patios
  • Clean out and organize your garage, sheds, attics
  • Run pet beds and soft toys through the wash
  • Hose out and deodorize garbage and recycling bins

Refresh Your Home Instead of Embarking on a Reno

Once you’ve deep cleaned your home, cleared out the junk, and maybe brought in a luxurious new mattress or state-of-the-art washing machine, you may be subject to the domino effect.

When it comes to any home project, whether cleaning or making updates, a frequent question that might come up is—where do I stop? Cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of your old stuff can quickly snowball into more cleaning, organizing, and changing out old for new. And once one room is done, other rooms may feel frumpy and outdated. So you keep going and going.

Unless you’ve got an unlimited budget for a full gut and renovation of your home, it can be tough to resolve the “where do I stop” dilemma. But you can tackle a few projects or upgrade a few accessories without breaking the bank. And this will allow you to refresh even more spaces, perhaps your entire home. 

Paint Does Wonders – Painting a room or even just an accent wall can instantly brighten up your space and give it a completely new and unique look. Also, consider painting your front door in a bold, cheerful hue to boost curb appeal and welcome guests with a burst of color.

Swap Out Textiles – Update your throw pillows, blankets, and curtains with fresh colors, textural fabrics, and playful patterns. Use sheer or linen fabrics for a fresh, light feel. Swap out tattered towels and bedding. And don’t forget to bring in or change out rugs, too.

Bring the Outdoors In – If it feels like something’s missing in a space, add a plant whether real or faux. Buy fresh bouquets from a farmer’s market or create arrangements from your yard. A mini herb garden in your kitchen or on a sunny windowsill also makes for deliciously practical decor.

Update Light Fixtures – Do you still have those builder-grade dome lights in your home? Swap them out for modern, energy-efficient alternatives and consider installing dimmer switches. Add a ceiling fan and more ambient lighting. Bring in lamps and turn off overhead lights altogether. 

Change or Add Hardware – This is the jewelry of any home. From your nightstands and dresser to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets, updating or adding stylish new knobs and pulls provides an instant, high-impact makeover. Go bold and modern, or vintage and colorful. Have fun!

Edit and Move Your Furniture – Whether you’ve already called The Good Couch or not, take a minute to examine the flow of your spaces and find pinch points that can be eliminated simply by removing or rearranging furniture. Having room to breathe and move around is transformative!

Upgrade and Personalize Your Art – A room with blank walls can look unfinished. Why? Because it doesn’t have YOUR personality! Whether you buy art online, print pics that have been sitting on your phone forever, go thrifting, or browse local art galleries and museums for affordable prints, adding art will do wonders for creating a warm and inviting home. 

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